Another World

April 13th | June 16th |

“Another World”

Cracking Art invades Mondovì and Mondovicino with its colorful animals


Cracking Art is an artistic movement born in 1993 with the intention to radically change the history of art through a strong social and environmental commitment.


Known worldwide for the creation of urban animal installations, Cracking Art wants to represent the dichotomy between the natural and the artificial. Its name derives from the English verb “to crack”, which describes the act of cracking, breaking, breaking, yielding, collapsing. This catalytic cracking is also the chemical reaction that transforms crude oil into plastic: and for the artists is the very moment in which the natural transforms to the artificial, the organic into the synthetic, and it is this process that they intend to represent through their art.


Since its birth, the movement has realized over 400 installations, representing animals made with artificial but eco-sustainable material. All the works, in fact, after a series of uses, are destroyed and the plastic regenerated for new installations.


A red elephant and two giant snails already invaded the streets of Mondovì on Monday April 1st. For those who thought it was a joke, it was nothing more than a teaser operation to announce the exhibition that will take place, starting from April 13th, in the Park spaces.


A real multicolored invasion: 21 giant artworks, 201 medium, and 365 small that represented all of the animals produced by the collective: from wolves to elephants, from crocodiles to bears, to penguins, swallows, frogs, and snails.

For about 2 months Cracking Art will therefore bring over 580 works to the Mondovicino Commercial Park owned by the Caramelli Family, Igd Siiq Spa and Coop Liguria.


“We have chosen to involve the artists of Cracking Art – states Giacomo Caramelli – because we think it is a form of contemporary art, with strong messages, and is able to involve the visitor and give joy to the place where the works are installed. ”


“At a time when the attention to plastic is very high, and the disastrous consequences that its reckless use is bringing to the planet – declares Fabrizio Cremonini, Head of Operational Marketing Igd Siiq Spa – we believe it is even more important to pay attention to this theme, involving a form of art that is attentive to environmental sustainability and uses only regenerated and regenerable plastic for the realization of all the works”.


From April 13th until June 16th, a charity initiative will take place in collaboration with Cracking Art: “Arte Rigenera l’Arte.” The fundraiser’s proceeds will be donated to a cultural project on the territory, to be determined.


But Mondovicino has also thought about the little ones and their involvement in a fun and educational activity. From the 6th to 26th of May, during the weekday mornings, local schools will be involved in a cultural project dedicated to sustainability that fits perfectly with the educational purpose of the Cracking Art exhibition. An expert will first accompany the children on a visit at the exhibition, explaining the concept to them, and, at the end, will entertain them with workshops related to the theme of recycling. Available various plastic material (bottles, plates, glasses, caps, etc.) will be provided, with which the “small artists” will be able to make animals that they then can take home as a souvenir of the experience, together with a photo and a certificate of participation.


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