06 Novembre 2021 - 27 Marzo 2022 |

Six places in the city of Pontedera have been invaded by Cracking Art works: Piazza Martiri della Libertà, Piazza Curtatone and Montanara, Piazza Cavour, Piazza Andrea da Pontedera, Piazza Unità d’Italia, Rotonda Via Pisana.

As an artifice is an expedient aimed to obtain extraneous or unauthorized effects from the natural order or the immediate appearance of things, Cracking Art’s sculptures and temporary installations are events that surprise and amaze all those who come into direct contact with them. Extemporaneous encounters that transform into a catalyst of emotions.

The event, open to all and available for free, is part of the Art for not Sleeping project • Pontedera and beyond the 21st century, which for years has engaged with the city of Valdera, directed by Alberto Bartalini.

Art will be the city main protagonist until March 2022. This exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Pontedera, the Pontedera Foundation for Culture, the Peccioliper Foundation for and with the patronage of Tuscany Region.