CALM #cernobbioartlakemountain

April 10th | September 8th 2019 |

CALM is an annual project of Contemporary Art Outdoor, that the administration strongly desired, to affirm and to increase the cultural identity of the City of Cernobbio.

CALM is acronym of: Cernobbio, an international tourism destination thanks to its beautiful landscape; Art as contemporary art, universal language and tool of connection between man and nature, tradition and innovation, adults and children, residents and visitors. Lake and Mountain; natural elements that characterise the amazing natural stage which welcomes and enhances the event.

CALM is also an invitation to the quiet, to slow down, to stop and think, to enjoy the nature that surrounds us, to love and respect it. The artworks purpose is to communicate feelings, that need calm, time, attention, mindfulness to be transformed in new energy.

CALM 1.0 presents Cracking Art. The movement was born in 1993 and is responsible for more than 400 art installations around the world. The art works are realized in regenerated plastic, the material of choice for the movement, gifted with the virtually eternal properties, able to be ground and reshaped into other sculptures. Recycling plastic removes it from its toxic role in nature and communicates through and unconventional language the importance of paying strong attention to our planet. This philosophy connects common reason to individual meditation, creating installations with animals that appear unexpectedly in everyday places. The surprise of seeing an ordinary subject made extraordinary through its super-size, vivid color and form, attracts the attention of passersby, inviting people to re-examine their perspectives of urban life, while inspiring them to play with our cities thus mentally and physically re-building them.

The Cracking Art sculptures are messengers of thoughts suitable to our contemporaneity, with the will to produce the astonishment that brings out in each of us a feeling of pleasure and happiness.

The intent is to activate unexpected emotions, to admire and respect places with new perspective, different from the daily routine which allows us to reflect on the place seen with new eyes.