22nd April 2022 | 22nd April 2022

The link between experimentation and Sustainability that has always accompanied Cracking Art philosophy, calls for an even more intense commitment, today.
The need to work by minimizing waste, reducing the environmental impact, following the Circular Economy, a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, lending, reuse, repair and recycling of existing materials and products for as long as possible, pushed the artistic collective towards the use of the second life of some high-performance materials.
The message of Cracking Art is now even stronger and sees the launch of a new collection of limited-edition Artworks in Recycled Carbon.
On the occasion of World Earth Day we present the first Artwork: the Penguin.
Chosen for its strong symbolism, it is in fact a social animal whose survival is linked to the problem of global warming and the consequent melting of the ice.
The material that composes it comes from a Porsche car, race prototype.