Cracking Art HELP Fatebenefratelli Pediatric House

April 16th 2020 |

The Cracking Art artworks on sale to support the Covid-19 HELP ward of the Pediatric House Fatebenefratelli, Milan

Casa Pediatrica, the pediatric ward of the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan, has been reconverted to face the pandemic emergency and offer beds to people with Covid-19.

This transformation has been strongly desired by the department director, Professor Luca Bernardo, in order to be of support to the other departments that are under crisis due to the spread of the virus.

Twenty-eight beds, four of which are completely isolated, are now hosting patients between the ages of 20 and 94 who present the coronavirus and other pathologies.

The collaboration between Cracking Art and the Pediatric Hospital started in November 2018, with the donation of a permanent artistic installation of 1 large fuchsia snail accompanied by six medium snails of various colors, positioned at the entrance to the pediatric ward to cheer patients and visitors and to make the hospital a place of therapyfor both the body and for the spirit through art.

About this aspect of the treatment, also all staff members give great attention to thepsychological care of the patients who are strongly affected by the disease and by the isolation in which they are forced.

Cracking Art has therefore decided to make available a series of artworks that can be purchased by requesting information at the email address, to support this precious work.

White artworks, as a tribute to the white coats of all doctors, nurses and health workers who are doing so much in this difficult period.

The choice can be made between the following white artworks:

50 small Frogs – 50€ each

1 small Elephant – 790€

1 Cat – 2600€

1 Meerkat – 2600€

1 Bear – 2600€

1 medium Snail – 2600€

1 medium Rabbit – 2600€

The proceeds of the sale will be entirely donated to the Hospital for supporting the activities of the pediatric ward.

Eventually, it will be possible to choose the artworks in a different color by mentioning in the subject of the email “Cracking Art HELP” and, in that casethe 20% of the sale will be donated to the Hospital.   

The initiative will last until the end of June 2020.

For more information please write to:

Instagram: Crackingart
Facebook: Cracking Art