July 3rd | October 17th 2021 |

Amazement and surprise are the fil rouge of the installations that have inhabited historical architecture and that we are invited to look for by walking through the city streets with a curious spirit, experiencing the city as a place of history and unexpected discoveries.

Arriving at the Salone degli Incanti, the first unexpected protagonist who meets and welcomes us is a pink penguin. An unequivocal reference to the very famous Marco Penguin, a real mascot of the city of which for many years he was the most famous citizen.

From this space, visitors are invited to follow the path that leads to Piazza Attilio Hortis and Piazza di Cavana, where two pairs of large swallows pay homage to literature with the ideal free flight of which they are recognized symbols.

We pass through Piazza della Borsa where a pack of wolves, animal protagonists of many fables and folk tales, observe the frenetic movement of the city at 360 degrees with the impassive strength that living in a group can offer.

Just behind, in Piazza Verdi, a large elephant leans its mighty head against the entrance columns of the theater. A gesture of support for culture after these long months without being able to enjoy music and live shows.

Passing through Via della Cassa di Risparmio, the austere building is downplayed by the presence of frogs overlooking the balconies, giving that note of color projected towards social well-being and empathy, the positive spirit that wants to stimulate vital leaps.

In Via delle Torri you will find yourself as if you were projected into the fairy tale of Peter Pan: a large red crocodile dominated by the bell tower clock evokes the very famous reptile that in the story swallowed an alarm clock. We are chased by time and it is up to each of us to use it in the best way.

A large white rabbit awaits in Piazza Ponterosso. The reference to Alice and her passage into the metaphysical dimension of fantasy is rendered here giant and placid.

Last stop in Piazza della Repubblica, where a large snail that has escaped from the Salone degli Incanti also wanders around the city to discover the hidden corners and the history of the place that hosts it.

The Cracking Art installations are inserted and confronted with the history and architecture of the places that host them and come alive with the empathic interactions that are established with the public. Each work carries a message that each visitor is called to interpret and spread.