Kiss the frog – Politecnico Milano Bovisa (Italy)

November 29, 2018 | May 31, 2019 |

More than fifty brightly coloured frogs will soon invade the Politecnico di Milano’s Bovisa Campus, with a few incursions taking place in the Leonardo Campus as well, climbing up and down the walls of its buildings and elegant awnings. Kiss the Frog is the initiative organised by our University and Cracking Art, the artistic movement founded in 1993, renowned worldwide for its urban installations of works resembling animals made from reclaimed and recycled plastic.

Kiss the Frog is a fundraising campaign. Indeed, by purchasing the small Cracking Art sculptures, which in view of the event have been customised and co-branded “Politecnico di Milano/Cracking Art”, buyers will be funding the new interdepartmental laboratory CIRC-eV (Circular Factory for the Electrified Vehicles of the Future) dedicated to the development of circular economy technology within the automotive sector to be used in future sustainable factories. Specifically, the research will focus on advanced systems for recovering and reusing lithium-ion batteries discarded from electric and hybrid vehicles.

“The new laboratory set to be built on the Bovisa Campus”, explained Prof. Marco Bocciolone, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department and promotor of the initiative, “will become a point of reference for the Region, the Nation and even Europe when it comes to circular economy and future sustainable factories, in such a strategic sector as that of electric mobility”.

The keyword for “Kiss the Frog” is #rigeneriamoci (“let’s regenerate”). For years now, Cracking Art has shared the concept of “art that regenerates art” combining artistic initiatives with charity campaigns aimed at supporting cultural heritage and scientific research. And the Politecnico, through the research that will take place in the laboratory, will make a fundamental contribution to the challenges involved in circular economy. All within a neighbourhood charged with a powerful sense of “regeneration”, that of Bovisa.

For this reason, among the many animals produced by Cracking Art, the frog was chosen, which, because of the metamorphosis it undergoes during its lifecycle and its connection with water, becomes a symbol of rebirth, regeneration.

The miniature sculptures will be available from 30th November in the Politecnico di Milano official merchandise store at Via Bonardi 3 in Milan and on Amazon. All proceeds will be put towards the research and development of the CIRC-eV laboratory.