October 30 | November 3 2019

Wolves on Parade – Paratissima 2019

A pack of wolves will look down from the windows of the […]

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October 12th 2019 | May 10th 2020

Wild Rising

Wild Rising is an installation with hundreds of animal sculptures in coloured […]

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September 28th | October 5th 2019

Welcome Home

Cracking Art and Purina collaborate for the first “Pet Week” of Milan […]

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September 7th | October 27th 2019

Landing in Lecco

An invasion of multicoloured artworks arrives in Lecco thanks to the initiative […]

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September 2nd | December 2nd 2019

Natural History | Artificial History

This is the title of the installation of two giant red elephants […]

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July 1st 2019

Welcome little Wolf!

It was 2009 that our “Wolf” artwork came to light. It was […]

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June 25th | September 25th

Cracking Art @Andorra

Our installation in the town of Escaldes-Engordany in Andorra has opened. The […]

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June 21st | October 31st 2019

Regeneration Saint Petersburg @Newhollandisland

The snails invade the building of the art school of New Holland, […]

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June 14th | September 15th 2019

Animal Beat

Today begins a new installation: Animal Beat. The Festival of Invasions is […]

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