June 20th | August 1st 2021 |

Get “Out of the Box” this Summer with Black Box Fund Black Box Fund is hosting a six-week Summer series Out of the Box, featuring Cracking Art

June 20 to August 1, 2021 MILWAUKEE, WI

Black Box Fund has announced a series of events that is sure to inspire, entitled Out of the Box. Out of the Box is a six-week series of family-friendly performances, workshops and more taking place along Lake Michigan’s shore south of Discovery World at Lakeshore State Park.

Over 75 local non-profits, entertainers, artists and businesses will enliven this summer with multifaceted experiences highlighting a range of national and international awareness events—from African American Music Appreciation to World Nature Conservation. These events will run from June 20 to August 1, 2021.

“Black Box Fund’s team is passionate about artists of all kinds—musicians, dancers, visual artists, poets, whatever art form someone may be doing—and supporting the creative experiences that happen when artists meet their publics. Seeing them do their work in real life and real time is always extraordinary.” – Marilu Knode, Executive Director of Black Box Fund.

At the heart of the event is the commissioned sculptural installation REbirth by artistic movement Cracking Art. REbirth features 22 five-foot-tall, brightly colored swallows, made of “regenerable” plastic. Cracking Arts main desire is to create a sense of wonder that can bring pleasure while highlighting the overwhelming presence of plastic in our lives. “We primarily choose urban spaces rather than those dedicated specifically to art in order to trigger unexpected emotions, expel routine from everyday places, and allow for the reflection of a space with new eyes. Our hope is that this relationship can inspire creativity and a different point of view for observing the surrounding reality.”

Black Box Fund has committed to bring the community together around art and highlight the broad diversity of creativity that this city has to offer. When asked about the event, Doug McDonald, Board President of Black Box Fund, said “We look at this as moving out of a mental box, not just a physical one, and expanding our connection with the creative community and with the community at large. Our mission is to create welcoming, family-friendly, open gatherings that really draw people from all aspects of the community.”