March 12 - June 12, 2022 |


In all vocabularies the word recreation is given two meanings: the first and the best known, as break from study or work, to engage in pleasant and relaxing activities. The second, less common, of new creation.

Cracking Art Artworks, want to be the forms that are significant of the two meanings.
The marking given to the initial RE, wants to evoke those words that have now become needful for the new coming creations: regeneration, reuse, rethinking, rebirth.

An itinerary throughout the city to be followed with a curious and careful look, to renew the spirit of observation towards places on which, due to habit or distraction, we do not dwell enough. We start from Piazza Giovanni XXIII, to Piazza della Libertà and from Piazza San Lorenzo to MAGA Museum.


The exhibition project is in collaboration with MAGA Museum.