Sculptures in colors

July 9th | October 3rd 2021 |

Avezzano hosts “Sculptures in colors”

From 9 July comes the exhibition of maxi sculptures created by Cracking Art.

From 9 July to 3 October, the mammoth and colorful animal sculptures signed by Cracking Art arrive at the Aia dei Musei in Avezzano.

With the Cracking Art exhibition, the Abruzzo exhibition venue is preparing to host a one-of-a-kind event for the first time, becoming animated by creatures of the animal world that are unique in terms of colors but also in terms of size and composition.

In fact, beloved all over the world, the works of the Crackers (as the artists of the collective define themselves) – ferrying the public into a dreamlike world but also full of ethical significance – are characterized not only by their bright colors and sizes ranging from from small format to XXL sizes, but also for their manufacturing process in synthetic material that derives from the regeneration of plastic which, in this way, from material considered disposable becomes art.

Plastic transforms itself and becomes a means of communication: from a simple material in common use and a substance that is potentially harmful to the environment, it shapes itself, becoming a decorative element and a source of inspiration.

With the aim of making art accessible to the wider public and contributing to the civic sense of society, the exhibition – one of the most well-known contemporary art phenomena globally – is conceived and desired free of charge, so that it can be within the reach of all not only in terms of accessibility, but also so that it can be internalized, stimulating the reactions and attention of the individual and – at the same time – of the community towards important issues of social interest, such as environmental protection.

Animated by snails and turtles, elephants and rabbits, bears and wolves, the Aia dei Musei in Avezzano is therefore preparing to become a special and colorful Noah’s Ark where nature and respect for it are always the protagonists. Animals to which man has always attributed a power, full of messages and which conceal, each in its own way, a strong meaning of regeneration.

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