The Game of the Goose

June 7th - September 30th 2022 |

The Game of the Goose | June 7th – September 30th 2022

Snails, rabbits, wolves, swallows, elephants, crocodiles and wild geese.

Over 100 maxi-sculptures of the most varied sizes and bright colors will invade the 600,000 square meters of the Sigurtà Garden Park.

The itinerary is designed to create an unusual Game of the Goose that will lead visitors in search of these special artworks and to discover the peculiarities of the Park.

It will be possible to follow the 18 stages indicated on the map and look for the artistic giants in the fabulous scenography of the Summer Park in a continuous dialogue between creativity and environment; the final stop will be at the Aquatic Gardens, where among colorful water lilies, the new work of the collective will be discovered, presented to the public in a world preview: the Wild Goose. A work dedicated to an animal that has played a cardinal role in the tradition of numerous civilizations, in which its figure has even taken on mythical connotations as a symbol of life, rebirth and fertility, vigilant for men and messenger of the gods.