Welcome Home

September 28th | October 5th 2019 |

Cracking Art and Purina collaborate for the first “Pet Week” of Milan with 50 artworks in support of ENPA (National Association for the Protection of Animals) adoptions.

On the occasion of the first milanese week dedicated to pets, Purina will color Via Dante with exclusive Cracking Art artworks, representing the more than 35,000 pets awaiting adoption in ENPA shelters across Italy.
The four-legged friends invade Milano: together with many animals present in the city for Pet week, Via Dante, a few steps from the Duomo, will be scattered with 50 exclusive statues representing dog and cats.
A real “Pet Street” has been born by Cracking Art and Purina.
The installation is part of the project “Welcome Home”, launched by Purina for Pet Week. The concept wants to shed light on the concept of “home” not just as a physical space, but also, and perhaps more so, as a mental and emotional space. From this concept the artistic idea of Cracking Art was born, with its works arranged in circles, in a sort of reverse reception: 10 “islands” composed of cats and dogs who embrace all those who interact with them.
Everyone one of these works represents one of the many dogs and cats taken in by ENPA shelters. To facilitate the meeting of the pet in search of a home and their future family, the online platform “Welcome Home” has been created on purina.it.