March 21 - May 31 |

“Invasion de color” is the first installation of the Cracking Art artistic movement in Spain, on invitation of the Barcelona Designers Collective and hosted at La Roca Village of Santa Agnès de Malanyanes, (Barcelona). An event that brings together fashion and art in an installation dedicated to the creativity and color.

The installation consists of 40 works which have become the protagonists of the place. Snails, swallows, frogs and rabbits were chosen for their direct connection with the local culture, to create a real direct link with the surrounding space. Every work of art is a vehicle of meaning and specific messages, which were performed at specific times. The snail, with its regenerative burr, wants to inspire the improvement of a balanced lifestyle. The swallow is the journey and the encounter between nature and humans. The rabbit is the most representative animal of many fairy tales, is an animal that lives both domestic dimension to the wild; Cracking Art and the frog, an amphibian that does not like stagnant water, but prefers to shake it and make it dynamic and clear.