June - September 2023 |

A mega installation unites the McArthur Designer Outlets in Marcianise (CS), Barberino del Mugello (FI) and Noventa di Piave (VE) in a summer game about art, nature and learning.

Hundreds of works are installed along the paths of the three centers, and visitors are invited to look for them to photograph as in real photo safaris. Each work is paired with a meaning that introduces the symbols that each animal represents. An itinerary dedicated primarily to the younger generations but which is certainly capable of enthusing everyone.

As its now more than established practice Cracking Art seeks the surprise effect, the blood relationship and sharing to communicate the values of caring for the environment and be food for thought for progress that is both humane and inclusive. Art as a vehicle for a direct, understandable and engaging message.

The installations will be on view until Sept. 17 at the Marcianise and Noventa di Piave centers and until Sept. 24 at Barberino del Mugello.