September 25th | October 11th 2020. |

“CONVIVIUM” is the name of our installation for PARATISSIMA 2020, in which the question that arises is that of living together, of the search for systems of coexistence between human beings and wild nature that go beyond the schemes of mere hunting, adopting superior knowledge and the greater resources we have today than in the past.

We chose the Bear, an iconic animal, the protagonist of stories and legends. It appears on the flags of cities and states, on the heraldic crests of noble families, on the brands of companies or sports teams. Made docile by soft toys, it is actually symbolic for its power but also for its refractory character. The bear’s ancestral strength and its position in the food chain give its actions a strong emotional charge. An accident involving him is not something that can leave you indifferent.

How can we forget the repeated escapes of the M49 bear in Trentino, which have aroused the interest of the media and public opinion.

The bear, like the wolf, is one of the fundamental elements of alpine nature.

We are waiting for you at the Ex Galoppatoio of the ARTiglierie in Turin, from September 25th until October 11th 2020.