Cracking Art invades Ascona

March 30 | September 8th 2019 |

Municipal Museum of Modern Art Ascona / Village of Ascona
Cracking Art invades Ascona 
March 30th – September 8th 2019
Cracking Art, born in 1993, is an artistic movement known around the world for its urban installations characterised by the use of animal artworks in regenerated and recyclable plastic. The works, in a variety of sizes and colours, invade urban spaces with a fairytale poetry that seeks empathy.
“Cracking” comes from the english verb “to crack”, which express the state of being split or broken. This catalytic cracking is also the term for the chemical reaction that occurs when converting raw crude oil into plastic, and the very moment when something natural becomes artificial. By invading the urban fabric, Cracking Art aims to sensitise mankind in its increasingly artificial and anonymous mass culture that is gradually losing touch with natural and cohesive values.
Cracking Art brings culture and art amidst the people: as occasions to reflect, share and playfully participate with everyone.
Convinced that contemporary artists must contribute to the preservation of art and its memory, since 2012 Cracking Art has been active with the project “Art Regenerates Art,” which creates sculptures for fundraising dedicated to artistic conservation (and relevant social projects). For Ascona, this will be allocated for an important ethical and social cause: the restoration of Ascona’s chapels and frescoes.