En plein air

June 15th | October 30th 2021 |

Until October 30, the city of Lunel will host a Cracking Art exhibition.

Snails, rabbits, wolves, fish, elephants, meerkats…you will see all the colors!

Cracking Art invades the streets of Lunel.

After Paris, Milan, Sydney, New York, Venice, Brussels, Prague and the main French cities, the artists of the Cracking Art artistic group will install 150 colored sculptures throughout the city.

The goal is to offer the public a route through various emblematic places of the city to discover these works made by recycling plastic waste. With this fun and educational exhibition, culture returns to the city!

Imagined by the Italian collective Cracking Art, these sculptures represent multicolored animals of disproportionate size. Imagine giant snails settling in Place Louis Rey, or a cloud of fish in the sky of Cours Gabriel Péri, the Statue of Liberty surrounded by wolves, giant rabbits on the station square, meerkats in the Jean Hugo park fountain. This is the somewhat crazy and daring bet that the Municipality of Lunel has chosen to make for a summer full of culture and colors.

For this, the City has given the artists carte blanche to invade the emblematic places of Lunel and install their sculptures.

Lunel was fascinated by this original way of dealing with and communicating the problems of the planet, which is why Cracking Art was invited with an installation for the whole summer.

Do not hesitate to take a walk in Lunel and let yourself be surprised by these cute and colorful creatures: on the contrary, they will pose with you for a truly extravagant selfie.