May 31th – October 15th | Color Austerus, installation on the occasion of the group exhibition Back to Pietra & co. curated by the Consorzio Marmisti Bresciani in collaboration with the Municipality of Sirmione and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage – Regional Directorate of Museums of Lombardy, Grotte di Catullo (Sirmione, BS) Italy

May 12th – September 5th | Ceramicrack – the regeneration of matter, urban installations and exhibit in Manlio Trucco Museum, Albisola Superiore (SV), Italy

May 4th – October 20th | Urban Fables, citywide installations in Cannobio (VCO), Italy.

May 4th – July 14th | CREO, exhibition of recent artworks celebrating the group’s thirtieth anniversary, Palazzo Parasi, Cannobio (VCO), Italy.

April 27th – May 26th | Animalia, collective exhibition dedicated to animals and animality in art, Castello di Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS), Italy

16th April | Cracking Art x Coccinelle, presentation of the limited edition “Rabbit Bag” exclusively created for Coccinelle during Milan Design Week, Coccinelle showroom, Milan (MI), Italy.

6th April – 9th June | Spirits of Time, exhibition path featuring installations, curated by Carla Testore, at Montecavallo Castle in Vigliano Biellese (BI), Italy.


February 08 – May 08 | Soave Cracking Art, urban art installations in eight different locations throughout the city, promoted by the Municipality of Soave – Soave (VR), Italy

November 15 – February 15th 2024 | Regeneration Novara, urban installation in piazza Garibaldi – Novara (NO), Italy

July 29 – October 28 | The call of the Wolves, installation in Villa Nigra and Nigra Trail curated by Asilo Bianco – Miasino (NO), Italy

July 7 – September 24 | Art Safari, installation at the McArthur Designer Outlets in Marcianise (CS), Barberino del Mugello (FI) and Noventa di Piave (VE), Italy

July 6 – September 6 | Artificial Nature, urban installation in Piazza Bartolo Longo, Pompei (NA) Italy

June 15 – December 15 | Urban Fables, urban installation in Giulianova (TE), Italy

June 5 – September 3 | Regener’ART, installation in Centro Colombo and Rossio and Roma Areeiro stations, Lisbon (Portugal)

May 18 – June 18 | Glocal Emotions, open-air collective exhibition organized by the Brescian Marble Consortium in collaboration with the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts, Burgazzi  quarry Rezzato (BS), Italy

April 18th – 21th | Domestic Sculpture, presentation of the sculptures made by hand in collaboration with Handle With Joy on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, Milan (MI), Italy

April 15th – September 30th | SOS WORLD, urban installations in the squares of the three municipalities, Lentiai, Mel and Trichiana in the municipality of Borgo Valbelluna (BL), Italy

April 8th – July 30th | Natural – Artificial, widespread installations on the Island of Albarella (Rovigo). Italy

January 31th – February28th 2023 | Cracking Art @Harbour City, widespread installations at Harbour City, Hong Kong (HKG)

January 26th – April 26th 2023 | Urban Fairy-tales, urban installations promoted by the City of Desenzano del Garda – Department of Tourism in collaboration with the municipal offices, Desenzano del Garda (Italy)

October 27th 2022 – March 19th 2023 |Regen’ART – the exhibition project born from Cracking Art and Cogne Acciai Speciali collaboration, Bard (Italy)

July 20th – September 11th 2022 | Cracking Art – Stories, installations promoted by the Terzo Pilastro-Internazionale Foundation chaired by Prof. Avv. Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele at Villa Margherita (Trapani) and the Island of Mozia, Marsala (Italy)

July 15th – August 24th  2022 | Pop Up Festival – installation at the Millenium Park in Budapest (Hungary)

July 9th – September 25th 2022 | Regenerating Art – installations at the McArthur Glen Designers Outlet in Castel Romano (Rome) and Barberino di Mugello, Florence (Italy)

July 9th – October 16th  2022 |Fantastic Creatures. Animals between myth and reality from Dürer to Cracking Art, installation promoted by the Municipality of Cles with the participation of the Cles Initiative Consortium, curated by Lucia Barison, Cles  (Italy)

June 18th – September 4th  2022 |Protect your fellows, installation of multicolored wolves on the occasion of OPENART, the main Scandinavian biennale of public art, Örebro (Sweden)

June 11th – August 28th 2022 | Un conte de fée urbain, urban installations in occasion of the inauguration of the Metropolitan Cultural Center “Polaris”, Istres (France)

June 7th – September 30th 2022 | The Game of the Goose, installation at Parco Giardino Sigurtà in occasion of the official presentation of the new artwork: the Wild Goose – Valeggio sul Mincio (Verona) Italy

June 4th 2022 – August 31st 2022 | Cracking Art and the young artists, installation at the Omero State Tactile Museum on the occasion of the Biennale Arteinsieme 2022 – Mole Vanvitelliana (Ancona), Italy

May 10th 2022 – July 10th 2022 | Cracking Art – Stories, installation promoted by the Terzo Pilastro – International Foundation and created by the Culture and Art Foundation with the support of Comediarting and Arthemisia, in collaboration with the G. Whitaker Foundation. Gardens of Villa Malfitano and Villa Trabia, Palermo (Italy)

May 5th 2022 – October 16th 2022 | Animals at court. Lives never seen in the Royal Gardens, installations for the collective exhibition curated by Stefania Dassi and Carla Testore. Royal Gardens and Savoy Gallery of the Royal Museums of Turin (Italy)

March 12th 2022 – June 12th 2022 | REcreation, an exhibition project in collaboration with MAGA Museum, Varese (Italy)

28th October 2021 – 16th December 2021 | ¡Caracoles!, installation during the urban art festival “Hecho en Casa Entel” in Santiago, Iquique, Valdivia e Concepción (Chile)

15th October 2021 – 15th January 2022 | Cultūra animi, installation in Agricultural Institute “Domenico Sartor”, Castelfranco Veneto (Italy)

October  15th-17th 2021| Helix, installation during the festival of Helicoidal Economy Festival, Cherasco (Italy)

October  8th-10th 2021 | Barraskiloen Inbasioa, installation during the festival Gau Zuria, Bilbao (Spagna)

September 15th 2021 – June 30th 2022| Frogs in Narni, installation at Manini Theatre in Narni (Italy)

July 9th 2021 – October 3rd 2021 | Sculptures in colors, installation in Avezzano (Italy)

July 3rd 2021 – October 17th 2021 | Enchantment, installation in Trieste (Italy)

July 1st 2021 – September 30th 2021 | Urban Fairy Tales, installation in Sottomarina, Chioggia (Italy)

June 20th 2021 – August 1st 2021 | REbirth, installation in Milwaukee (USA)

June 15th 2021 – October 30th 2021 | En plein air, installation in Lunel (France)

June 3rd 2021 – July 23th 2021 | Nature we didn’t know yet, installation at Tollegno 1900, Sala Luce, Biella (Italy)

May 14th 2021 – July 18th 2021 | The Time of Wolves, installation in Parma (Italy)

April 24th 2021 – September 30th 2021 | Uncommon Art, installation in Borgo Valbelluna (Italy)

March 3rd 2021 | Wolves of light, installation at Sala Luce di Tollegno 1900, Biella (Italy)

September 25th – October 11th 2020 | CONVIVIUM, installation for PARATISSIMA 2020 in Turin (Italy)

September 18th 2020 – January 30th 2021 | ARTE E CITTA’, installation in Catanzaro (Italy)

September 10th – November 10th 2020 | REgeneration Mirandola, installation in Mirandola (Italy)

July 31st – October 31st 2020 | Cracking Art | Teramo – Natura Indomita, installation in Teramo (Italy)

July 18th – November 2nd 2020 | Cracking Art en plein air, installation presented by Verticale d’Arte association in collaboration with the Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)



October 30th – November 3rd 2019 | Wolves on Parade – Paratissima 2019,  installation at the ex- Academy of Artillery, Torino (Italy)

October 12th 2019 – May 10th 2020 | Wild Rising,  installation at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

September 28th – October 5th | Welcome Home, installation in collaboration with Purina in support of ENPA and pet adoption, in via Dante, Milano (Italy)

September 7th – October 27th | Landing in Lecco,  installation in Lecco (Italy)

2 September – 2 December | Natural History / Artificial History, installation at Piazza della Vittoria in collaboration with the University of Pavia for the reopening of the Museum of Natural Science Kosmos- Pavia (Italy)

June 25th – September 25th | Cracking Art @Andorra, installation in Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra)

June 21st – October 31st | Regeneration Saint Petersburg @Newhollandisland,  installation in New Holland Island, St. Petersburg (Russia)

June 14th – September 15th |Animal Beat, installation at Piazza Bilotti and Corso Mazzini- Bilotti Open-Air Museum, on the occasion of the Festival of Invasions, Cosenza (Italy)

May 15th – November 10th | Polytechne, installation at Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona (Italy)

May 11th – November 30th |Urbanimal, installation curated by G’art on the occasion of the 58th Venice Biennale at Palazzo Masieri Foundation, Venice (Italy)

April 25th – May 15th | Limonaie Spring, installation in Gargnano (Italy)

April 13th – June 16th | Another World, installation in Mondovì and Mondovicino Outlet Village (Italy)

April 10th – September 8th 2019 |CALM #cernobbioartlakemountain, installation at the lakefront and Villa Bernasconi, Cernobbio (Italy)

March 30th – September 8th 2019 | Cracking Art invades Ascona, installation in Ascona (Switzerland)

March 18th – April 1st 2019 |Cracking Connecting, installation in support of the UNESCO Creative City candidacy at Piazza Duomo, Biella (Italy)

January 17th 2019 | Capsule Collection presentation “Roberto Cavalli ♥ Cracking Art” at Pitti Immagine Bimbo 88 (Florence, Italy)



November 29 – May 31, 2019 | “Kiss the Frog” installation at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of The Politecnico di Milan (Italy)

Novembre 22 | Permanent installation donated to the Pediatric House of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital of Milan (Italy)

October 27 – November 4 | “Segni New Generation Festival” urban installations Mantua (Italy)

October 25 – November 4 | Hecho en Casa Fest, urban installation of 12 giant snails in Santiago del Chile and Viña del Mar (Chile)

September 19 – October 7 | “The World Beneath the City” urban installation as a special project at the tenth edition of ArtPrize held annually in Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA).

August 23 | Cracking Art @HangangArtPark permanent installation in Hangang Park, Seoul (Korea)

July 7 – September 30 | “Regenerative Art” installation in San Benedetto del Tronto and in the fortress of Acquaviva Picena (Italy)

June 16 – September 2 | “Cracking Art @Cheekwood” installation in the botanical garden and in the halls of the Cheekwood Museum, Nashville (Tennessee, USA)

June 2 – August 26 | “Summer Wonderland. Spectaculars Creature” installation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and in the outdoor spaces of the Newfields Garden, Indianapolis (Indiana, USA)

May 22 – June 20 | “Bird Eye View” urban installation and at Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Reale during EventoBastimento 2018, Genoa (Italy)

May 19 – November 20 | “Regeneration Montelimar” Urban installation at the city of Montelimar (France)

April 18 – July 29 | “BarocCracking” Installazion at Palazzo Leoni Montanari – Gallerie d’Italia, Vicenza (Italia)

April 17 – 22 | “Secret Oasis Garden” installation at the WWF Lombardia garden during Design Week 2018, Milan (Italy)

October 28 – November 5 | “SEGNI New Generation Festival” Mantova (Italy)

September 27 – November 5 | “An Enchanted Garden” Installation at Gallerie d’Italia in Milan (Italy)

July 15 – September 15 | “Cracking Cinema Cavo” installation in Cavo (Elba Island, Italy)

July 14 – 23 | “Lupus in fabula” installation in Villa Durio, Varallo Sesia (Italy)

July 1 – September 30 | “One hundred and three animals” installation in Torino Outlet Village, Settimo Torinese (Italy)

May 18 – August 15 | “Regeneration Southampton” installation in Westquay Esplanade, Southampton (England)

May 05 – 07 | “Rigenerazione Rione Sanità”  installation in Piazza Sanità for Sky Arte Festival, Naples (Italy)

March 21 – May 31 | “Cracking Art Limitless” installation in La Roca Village, Barcelona (Spain)

March 04 – May 14 | “Cracking Art Limitless” installation in Hongqiao District, Shanghai (China)

November 25 – January 25 | “Cracking Chongqing” installation in Chongqing business district (China)

October 29 – November 15 | “Cracking Art Invasion” installation at Centro Commerciale Palladio in Vicenza (Italy)

October 1 – November 15 | “An extraordinary exhibit” installation at Area12 Shopping Center, Turin (Italy)

September 22 – September 26 | “Cracking Art @ Terra Madre Salone del Gusto” installation in Turin with Slow Food collaboration (Italy)

September 18 – October 30 | “Cracking Art for Id_Dante” installation at Biblioteca Alfredo Oriani in Ravenna for Id_Dante exhibit “Il Volto di Dante, per una traduzione contemporanea”, Ravenna (Italy)

September 17 – October 31 | “Cracking Wuhan” installation in Horizon business district, Wuhan (China)

September 10 – October 2 | “Cave Canem” installation at Cava Burgazzi di Virle Treponti, Brescia (Italy)

September 1 | Laureus F1 Charity Night at Mercedes-Benz Center, Milan

July 7 – August 31 | “Cracking Art Xintiandi” installation at Xintiandi district, Shanghai (China)

July 2 – September 9 | “Calais REgénération” installation at Calais (France)

June 22 – August 30 | “Regeneration Reggia” installation at Reggia di Caserta, Caserta (Italy)

From June 13 | “Regeneration Cleveland” installation at Cleveland, Ohio (Usa)

June 13 – July 4 | “United for Regeneration” at United Nations Building, New York (Usa)

June 7 – July 20 | “Cracking Seasons” installation at Four Seasons Hotel Florence, Florence (Italy)

March 31 – May 31 | “Cracking Seasons” installation at Four Seasons Hotel Milan, Milan (Italy)

November 12 – April 15 | “Station Invasion” installation at Naples Central Station, Naples (Italy)

November 10 – January 7 | “Cracking Branca” installation at Branca Museum and F.lli Branca Distillerie, Milan (Italy)

September 21 – October 15 | “Mondadori Invasion” at Palazzo Niemeyer, Mondadori Group
headquarters, Segrate, Milan (Italy)

September 18 – October 11 | “Cracking Art Invasion” urban installation at Le Mans Cathedral and in Place de Jacobins, Le Mans (France)

September 9 – October 31 | “Regeneration Siena” urban installation in Siena (Italy)

August 26 – September 13 | “EM District Art Festival 2015” installation at EM District, Bangkok (Thailand)

June 21 – September 15 | “Artmossphere” installation at VDNH, Moscow Biennale of Street Art, Moscow (Russia)

June 3 – October 31 | “Fruttelli d’Italia” exhibition at Orea Malià via Marghera, Milano (Italy)

May 21 – September 27 | “Regeneration” installation at historic Garden of Valsanzibio in Galzignano Terme, in occasion of its 350° Anniversary, Padova (Italy)

May 15 – October 31 | “The Food Guardians” installation on Porta Venezia’s toll gates in occasion of Expo 2015, Milano (Italy)

26 April – 31 October | “Free Darsena” urban installation in occasion of the ‘Nuova Darsena’ inaugurational event, Piazza XXIV Maggio, Milan (Italy)

26 March – June 30 | “Smile Snail” installation of 126 snails at Happio Gallery, Rome (Italy)

19 March – June 14 | “Regeneration Palmanova” installation in Piazza Grande and at the Palmanova
Outlet Village, Palmanova (Italy)

March 4 – 31 | “Welcome to the (city) jungle” exhibition at Pisacane Art Gallery, Milan (Italy)

February 11 – March 25 | “Regeneration Regione Lombardia” installation at the Lombardy Building, Milan

December 3 – 20 | “REgeneration Bridge” installation at the Miami Design District in occasion of Art
Basel 2014, Miami (USA)

August 27 – September 6 | “Animal Club” installation at the VIP Lounge Club 7 in occasion of the 71th
Film Festival of Venice, Lido di Venezia ( Italy )

May 7 – August 30 | “Regeneration Riga” installation of 14 huge snails in occasion of Riga European
Capital of Culture 2014, Riga (Latvia)

April 10 | “From Bora Bora to Milan” installation at Dirk Bikkembergs Showroom during Milan Fuori
Salone 2014, Milan (Italy)

April 10 – June 30 | “Swallows Nest” installation of 20 huge swallows in the courtyards of the Sforza
Castle during the exhibition cycle “Spring in Milan” in collaboration with the City of Milan, Castello
Sforzesco, Italia Nostra and Must Gallery, Milan (Italy)

April 8 – 13 | “Suggestions, stories of Art and Design” exhibition for the Milan Design Week 2014 at
Galleria Il Castello, Milan (Italy)

January 29 | “Cracking Hera” installation during the Art Fair 2014 at Hera Group, Bologna (Italy)

January 25 – March 30 | “Next Level” Cracking Art retrospective exhibition with works from the
collection Rosini-Gutman at Orea Malià, Bologna (Italy)

December 15 – January 6, 2014 | “REgeneration Art Project” installation of 8 huge snails at Rumsey
Camp and Columbus Circle in Central Park, New York (USA)

December 3 – January 9, 2014 | “REgeneration” installation at Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, Rome (Italy)

27 November – March 30, 2014 | “Homo Ludens” exhibition of works from the permanent collection of ‘Intesa San Paolo Galleries of Italy’ in Piazza della Scala, Milan (Italy)

October 28 | “Galvanizziamoci” invasion of colorful frogs on the statue of Luigi Galvani for the fundraiser
“Un passo per San Luca”, Bologna (Italy)

September 20 – October 20 | “Snailovation” installation of 24 huge snails during the Art & About
Festival, Sydney (Australia)

July 20 – 28 | “Art that regenerates Art” installation at the Art Gallery of the Voltage Convent, Alessandria (Italy)

July 5 – 9 | “Wild Things” installation at Literature Festival and Music Collisions in Barolo, Cuneo (Italy)

June 20 – July 20 | “REgeneration Lugano” installation of 12 huge snails on the longlake in collaboration
with Must Gallery, Lugano (Switzerland)

June 13 – September 15 | “Oil Soul” exhibition at Must Gallery, Lugano (Switzerland)

June 1 – November 21 | 55th International Art Exhibition, Pavilion of the Syrian Arab Republic, San
Servolo, Venice (Italy)

May 16 – October 13 | “Reality Fluids” installation at Nhow Hotel, Milan (Italy)

April 10 – May 10 | “Full of Frogs” invasion of 5000 little Frogs into Naviglio Grande, Milan (Italy)

March 24 – April 21 | “Animals” exhibition at the Old Warehouses Rice Stack Sartirana Lomellina , Pavia (Italy)

March 22 – June 2 | “Plastic Factory” installation at Omegna Forum and Tornielli di Ameno Museum,
Novara (Italy)

February 10 – March 17 | “Animals” exhibition at MUST, Local History Museum, Vimercate (Italy)

“Ranatemporanea” exhibition at Bag Gallery Temporary in Piazza San Marco, Milan (Italy)

“Snailove” exhibition in occasion of Art Monaco at Grimaldi Forum, Monaco (Principality of Monaco)

“Stijl 2012” exhibition and urban installation in Ostend (Belgium)

“REgeneration Duomo”, installation on the terraces of the Duomo, Milan (Italy)

“Naturalmente” exhibition at 1st Biennial of Italy /China at Villa Reale, Monza (Italy)

“Incursion in Cuneo” urban installation and exhibition at Gallery Skema 5, Cuneo (Italy)

“REgeneration” exhibition at Bag Gallery in collaboration with Boscolo Exedra, Milan (Italy)

“Nemeton” installation at Villa Annoni Park in Cuggiono, Milan (Italy)

“Rome International Exhibition of Sculpture”, installation at Casina Valadier, Rome (Italy)

“REgeneration” installation at Bag Gallery in collaboration with Hotel Boscolo dei Dogi, Venice (Italy)

“REgeneration Cattolica”, installation at Cattolica Aquarium, Rimini (Italy)

“REgeneration Istanbul” installation in Istanbul (Turkey)

“Miami Children’s Museum Gala” installation in Miami (United States)

“Nascor 2, Between Art and Nature” installation at Fondazione Carrieri-Noesi, Pescara (Italy)

“REgeneration” exhibition at Venice Biennale Pavilion Italy, Turin (Italy)

“Snail attack” exhibition at Venice Biennale, in collaboration with Municipality Chirignago Zelarino, opening speech by Vittorio Sgarbi, Venice (Italy)

“REgeneration Sirmione” installation in occasion of Pietra & Co International Exposition in Sirmione,
Brescia (Italy)

“Save the Plastic, Waste” installation at Palazzo Guidobono, Tortona (Italy)

“REgeneration Imperia” installation and exhibition at Battifoglio Gallery, Imperia (Italy)

“REgeneration Bra” in collaboration with Fondaco, San Giovanni Gallery and Marconi Library, Cuneo

“Break with Art” installation for the Arte Piacenza Exposition, Piacenza (Italy)

“Cra Cra Cracking” installation at Farm Cultural Park, Palermo (Italy)

“Pop Gala Event” installation at Biscayne Capital in Miami (USA)

“REgeneration” installation of huge snails, Treviso (Italy)

“REGeneration” installation of huge snails in occasion of ‘Notte Rosa’ event, Rimini (Italy)

“Blue Guardians” installation of 99 Wolves at Cantina Ca’ del Bosco, Brescia (Italy)

“REGeneration” installation of huge snails in Miami Beach (USA)

“Pink Snail” permanent installation of a small Snail at Farm Cultural Park, Favara (Sicily)

“Ride” installation on the cableway of Oropa, Biella (Italy)

Installation at Alquindici Gallery, Piacenza (Italy)

Urban installation of 6 huge rabbits, Brussels (Belgium)

Installation at the 59th Festival of Song, Sanremo (Italy)

Installation at the Gallery Artiscope, Brussels (Belgium)

“Pet Therapy” installation at the gallery Novalis, Turin (Italy)

“Restart”, installation of large turtles at the G8, Syracuse (Italy)

“Re-Wind”, permanent installation at the airport Frecce Tricolori in Codroipo, Udine (Italy)

Installation at Magasine Printemps in collaboration with the Gallery 208 and Marc Jacobs, Paris (France)

“Centoingiro” installation at Galleria Mandelli Seregno, Monza (Italy)

“REgeneration”, traveling installation in Piazza della Scala, Piazzetta Reale and Via Vittor Pisani, Milano

“No turtle Broth”, exposure of the mirrors Cracking Art at the Showroom Entratalibera, Milan (Italia)

“International Art Trade Biella”, installation and exhibition at the Old Port Sea, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Installation at SOMA Museum and Helioart Gallery, Seoul (South Korea)

Installation at Museum Kampa, Prague (Czech Republic)

Installation at DVC Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)

Installation at Polo Championship, Antwerp (Belgium)

Installation at Galerie Coins et Couleurs, Ysendyke (Netherlands)

Installation at Museum Bommel van Dam, Venloo (Netherlands)

Installation at Design Kettal, Antwerp (Belgium)

Installation at Miljonairs Fair, Kortryk (Belgium)

“Exentric Fair”, installed at Knokke (Belgium)

“Re-Production”, installation at Portofino (Italy)

“Parcours d’Art Contemporain”, installation at Galerie 208, Paris (France)

“Nerazzurra” installation at the Gallery MandelliArte Seregno, Monza (Italy)

“No Colors”, installation at Spazio Visionnaire / Fabbrica Eos Gallery, Milan (Italy)

“Relax”, installed at the Novalis Gallery of Courmayeur, Aosta (Italy)

Installation at Oprandi Gallery, Innsbruck (Austria)

Installation at Novoli Art, National Festival of Contemporary Art at the Palazzo Baronial, Lecce (Italy)

“A Beastly Show”, installation at Oriocenter Orio Al Serio, Bergamo (Italy)

Installation at SOMA Museum of Modern Art, Soul (South Korea)

“Orecchiette flavored Design” at the Cloister and the Library dell’Incoronata by Anty Pansera and Laura
Giugiaro, Milan (Italy)

“5 x Nouveaux Pop”, installation at the Gallery GKM Silwert Bergstorm, Malmo (Sweden)

Installation at the Galleria Tornabuoni Arte Florence, Florence (Italy)

“Animal Cracking Art” installation at the Cloister of Bramante, Rome (Italy)

“Piemonte Torino Design”, exhibition at Italian Cultural Institute and KyotoMuseum of Fine Arts in Hanoi (Japan)

“Cracking Art, art break”, installation at the Fondazione Mazzotta, Milan (Italy)

“Cracking Art, art break”, installation at the Gallery Glauco Cavaciuti, Milan (Italy)

“Art Paris”, installation at GKM Gallery, Paris (France)

“X pop exhibition 3”, installation at SOMA Museum of Modern Art, Soul (South Korea)

“Piemonte Torino Design” exhibition of 200 objects of excellent industrial design and designed
Regional products in 1995 to 2006 at the Hall Bolaffi, Turin (Italy)

“Les Nouveaux Pop”, curated by Jean-Luc Chaulumeau at Villa Tamariss Centre d’Art La
Sien sur Me, Toulon (France)

“Les Nouveaux Pop”, installation at the Gallery Thierry Salvador, Paris (France)

“Art Fair”, installed at the Galleries Saint Ficara of Florence, The Elephant Treviso and Bologna (Italy)

“Art Fair”, installation at the Studio Fioretti, Bergamo (Italy)

“The Art of Excellence”, Installation at the Valentino Castle Foundation Biella, Turin (Italy)

Installation at Casa Italy for the XX Winter Olimpic Games, Turin (Italy)

Installation took Glauco Cavaciuti Gallery, Milan (Italy)

“The Cracking Art Group”, installation at UFO, United Foundation Ostend, Ostend (Belgium)

“Miart 2006”, installation at Art Studio Marco Fioretti, Milan (Italy)

Installation at the Museum of Modern Art in Lousiville, Kuntucky (USA)

Installation at the Gallery of Modern Art, Ferrara (Italy)

“Cracking Art, art that was not there”, installation at the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence (Italy)

“Penguins Rosa Conzano”, installation at the City of Conzano, Alessandria (Italy)

“Cracking Art, art that was not there”, installation at the Gallery Saint Ficara, Florence (Italy)

“Salt Road Contemporary Art from Langa to the Sea”, an exhibition curated by Silvana Peira and Nico
Orengo Spotorno, Savona (Italy)

“Homage to Picasso”, installation at the Pinacoteca Comunale Marco Moretti of Civitanova Marche,
Macerata (Italy)

“Cavour Art Festival” exhibition with lecture by Prof. Piero Adorno, Terni (Italy)

“Vespa Italian Art”, an exhibition dedicated to the Vespa Scooter by Valerio Dehò at the Church of St.
Augustine and Chio-ter of Pietrasanta, Lucca (Italy)

“Zoo, the Centale électrique de elektriciteitscentrale”, exhibition by Pascale Salesse at the European
Center for Conteporary Art, Brussels (Belgium)

“Vespa Italian Art”, an exhibition dedicated to the Vespa Scooter by Valerio Dehò, Bern (Switzerland)

“Salvador Dali and the Surrealists”, curated by Ilaria Ortolina and Laura Ravasi at the Pinacoteca
Comuncale Marto Moretti Civitanove Marche Macerata (Italy)

“Piemonte Torino Design”, installed at the Exibithion and Convention Center, Pazhou Canton

“Les Limites de l’art? Pourquoi Article? Où va art?”, Group show curated by Ben Vautier at the
exhibition cycle Tas d’Esprit The Seine at Galerie 51, Paris (France)

“Crackingart Revolution”, installed at the Palace of the Rich, the Diocesan Museum and Ca’ of Carramade
of Canonical New, Treviso (Italy)

“Lineart Art Fair” exhibition at the Gallery Oprandi, Gent (Belgium)

“Animals Masters”, installation at Palazzo Ferraioli, Rome (Italy)

“A.I.M. Through walls, art and creativity in and out of the factories of Biella, installation
at City Art at Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (Italy)

“St-Art European Contemporary Art Fair” exhibition at the Gallery Oprandi, Strasbourg (France)

“Arte Fiera Bologna 2005”, installation at the Gallery the Elephant, Treviso (Italy)

“Arte Fiera Bologna 2005”, Philippe Daverio conference for the presentation of the book Art Stupfacenyourself, from Dada to Cracking” for Edizioni Mazzotta, Milan (Italy)

Installation at the Autostrade Torino-Milan, Milan-Bologna, Milan-Venice (Italy)

“The Coin Couleurs”, group exhibition at IJzendijke (Netherlands)

“Biella Produces, creative cities” 1st workshop at Biella (Italy)

“Sul Filo della Lana”, curated by Philippe Daverio at the Museum of the Territory of Biella and the
Factory Pria, Biella (Italy)

“Utopia Project”, an exhibition curated by Piero Cavellini, Brescia (Italy)

“Cracking Art, culture that was not there” exhibition at the gallery The meeting of Chiari, Brescia (Italy)

“Red Penguin in Venice”, installation on the Grand Canal and the city of Venice for the Venice Biennale,
Venice (Italy)

Exhibition at Museum of Santa Apollonia in collaboration with Ravagnano, Venice and Treviso Elephant
Gallery, Venice (Italy)

“Salvador Dali and the Surrealists”, curated by Ilaria Ortalina and Laura Ravasi at Pinacoteca of
Civitanova Marche, Macerata (Italy)

Exhibition curated by Martina Corgnati at Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea in Spoleto, Perugia (Italia)

“Arctic & Antarctica” laboratory of Earth Sciences at Spoleto, Perugia (local organizing committee)

“Art Verona 2005”, installation in collaboration with galleries Elephant, Ravagnan and Fioretti, Verona (Italy)

“Cracking Art Birth of a vanguard”, curated by Martina Corgnati at the Fondazione Stelline-ne, Milan (Italy)

“Modern Art – restart – XI International Fair of Contemporary Art” exhibition at Gallery & C. Rosini, Rome (Italy)

“Exhibition of Modern Art” at the Gallery Saint Ficara, Bolzano (Italy)

“Lineart Art Fair” exhibition at the Gallery Oprandi, Gent (Belgium)

“Art and Verona Fair” exhibition at the Gallery of Bergamo Fioretti and Gallery The Elephant Treviso (Italia)

“SOS Children’s World”, permanent installation at PMMH, Museum voor Moderne Kunst you Ostende,
Ostend (Belgium)
“The distributor of multiple Cracked” at PMMH, Museum voor Moderne Kunst you Ostende, Ostend
“The flag of the decade, the Cracking Art Cultural Association”, exhibition at Biella (Italy)
Installation at the Gallery Vlaemunck, Tielt (Netherlands)
“Salvador Dali and the Surrealists: Cracking Art Group, Dali to there”, exhibition in tribute to Avida
Dollars at the EXMA, Cagliari (Italy)

“Cracking Car” at PMMK, Museum of Modern Art Museum, Ostend (Belgium)

“Mercedes Benz Brugges” exhibition at the Gallery Guy Pieters, Knokke (Belgium)

“Museum in Motion” show at the Castel San Pietro in Cerro, Piacenza (Italy)

“Crackingart Group”, exhibition at the Gallery The Elephant, Treviso (Italy)

“Beaufort 2003”, at the Triennale of Belgium, Knokke-Heist (Belgium)

“Art Brussels” exhibition at the Gallery Artiscope, Brussels (Belgium)

“Cracking Art” exhibition at the Cultural Center San Bartolomeo (Bergamo)

“Food Art” exhibition at the Over Studio in Turin (Italy)

“Plastic Artist” exhibition at the MNST, National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, Milan (Italy)

Exhibition at the Cloister of Bramante, Milan (Italy)

Installation at Banca Popolare di Milano, Monza (Italy)

“The Bonda”, installation at the Open Air Museum, Biella (Italy)

“Marriage of plastic”, installed at the factory EOS, Milan (Italy)

“Cracking Art, Words of plastic”, 13 poems for Cracking, a tribute to the Cracking Art by Enrico
Ruggiero at C.S.D., Biella (Italy)

“S.O.S. World”, installation at Adler Gallery, Paris (France)

“S.O.S. World”, installation Espace Tajan, Paris (France)

“Cracking Art loves William Sweetlove”, exhibition at Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke-Heist (Belgium)

“Marriage of Plastic”, exhibition at Atrium Gallery, Lecce (Italy)

“Cracking Art Group”, exhibition at Barbara Mahler Gallery, Lugano (Switzerland)

“Arte Padova 2003”, exhibition at Saint Ficara Gallery, Padova (Italy)

“Ephemeral, Tender amazement”, exhibition at Ephemeral Gallery, Bari (Italy)

“Museum in Motion”, exhibition at San Pietro Castle in Cerro, Piacenza (Italy)

“SOS”, exhibition at PMMK, Museum of Modern Art, Ostend (Italy)

Installation at the Fair of Gent at the Art Gallery Oprandi, Gent (Italy)

“Masters of the 900”, at Galleria Rosini, Riccione (Italy)

“Balteji tecnologiniai skrydziaj”, in Vilnius (Lithuania)

“The zoo home”, at D’Ars Studio, Milan (Italy)

“Cracking Art”, exhibition at Fioretti Art Studio, Bergamo (Italy)

“Cracking Art”, exhibition at Marchetti Art Gallery, Rome (Italy)

“Expoarte”, exhibition at Griffin Gallery, Bari (Italy)

“Sea”, exhibition at Galleria Rosini, Rimini (Italy)

“Gold”, exhibition at Artiscope Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

“Artiscope”, installation at Fair of Bruges (Belgium)

“Races of Spring”, installation at Museum of the Park of Portofino, Genoa (Italy)

“Works of modern art” installation at Lugano (Switzerland)

“Miart 2002” exhibition at the Galleria Marchetti / Rome, Milan (Italy)

“Funcional Art” exhibition at the Galleria Fumagalli, Bergamo (Italy)

“Art and successful”, installation at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (Italy)

“S.O.S. World – The street art”, installation at the City of Alassio (Italy)

“Values and money, the last taboo”, installation at Bienne (Svizera)

“C.S.D. Cracking Art, Encounter Art”, installation at Biella (Italy)

“Ariscope, Coleur en 3 dimension”, installation in Brussels (Belgium)

“Contamination”, installation at the Museum of the Park of Portofino, Genoa (Italy)

“Museum in Motion, Homage to Gaudi”, exhibition at Castell’Arquato, Piacenza (Italy)

“CREATE art and environment”, installation for the City of Rialto, Savona (Italy)

“Montichiari 2002” installation at Fioretti Studio, Brescia (Italy)

Official opening of the Centre for Studies and Documentation Cracking Art of Biella (Italy)

“Cracking Fluxus Concert” concert of Giuseppe Chiari at CDS, Biella (Italy)

Show of architects and artists at the Rome headquarters of Banca Popolare di Milano, Rome (Italy)

“Ligne Roset” exhibition at the Fioretti Gallery, Bergamo (Italy)

“Pop Art and Pop Culture in Italy” exhibition in Barcelona (Spain)

“Cracking Art” Giuseppe Chiari, Cracking Fluxus Concert, Biella (Italy)

“Art & Adventure” Cracking Art – Mariane Heierdahl, Biella (Italy)

January 1, 2001 | Signature of the Manifesto for the third millennium “Villa Caruso Prize” exhibition at Villa Caruso, Florence (Italy)

49th International Biennial of Visual Arts in Venice (Italy)

12 Units display at Middelkerke (Belgium)

Rosini Gallery City of Riccione S.O.S. Red alert Riccione (Italy)

“In a sign of solidarity” Fabriano (Italy)

Y love N.Y. It Gallery (Italy)

“S.O.S. on the road of the turtles, Milan (Italy)

September 11, Art Padua, Padova (Italy)

Pieter Coeke Kunstgaleries, Vandaag (Italy)

Gallery Melesi Plasticmania, Lecco
Artissima – Caltex Gallery, Turin (Italy)

Aquarium of Genoa – S.O.S. World, Genoa (Italy)

Park Museum – Installations Portofino (Italy)

Studio Knights – Cracking Art, Bologna (Italy)

Lazzari Space – Golden fligt, Treviso (Italy)

MIM – Museun In Motion, Castell’arquato (Italy)

Exhibition at the Gallery Griffon Blue, Lecce (Italy)

“All the hatred of the world” exhibition at the Arengario Palace, Milan (Italy)

“Natural Artificial” at Caltex Gallery in Biella (Italy)

“Denim Art – Celebration of Creativity” in Los Angeles (USA)

Palace of the Dukes of S. Stefano – Etna (Italy)

Crowne Plaza – A Saint Exupery, Milan (Italy)

Caltex Gallery – Z to A, Biella (Italy)

Show of 11 serigraphs at the Galleria Fumagalli, Bergamo (Italy)

Artiscope Kanal 20 – Naturel / artificiel, Brussels (Belgium)

Exhibition at the Castle of San Pietro in Cerro, Piacenza (Italy)

“Musicarte” exhibition in collaboration with Saint Ficara Musicarte and Chiari, Florence (Italy)

In the Cloister – Cloister of Saint Augustine Minor, Bergamo (Italy)

Municipal Head Quarter, Cossato (Italy)

Sculpture 99 – Giungle, Sondrio (Italy)

Fair of Art 99 – Santo Ficara Gallery, Bologna (Italy)

Pananti Gallery – Andy Warhol/Cracking Art, Florence (Italy)

Salon des art mediterraèes, Cannes (France)

Caltex Gallery – Contemporary sculture, Biella (Italy)

Villa Bellosguardo Caruso – Tribute to Arno, Lastra a Signa (Italia)

Fallani Best – Projects of Sacro, Florence (Italy)

San Nicolò Church – Laurus, Florence (Italy)

Forte Crest – The garden between reality and vision, Milan (Italy)

Fair of Art 98 – Galleria Santo Ficara, Bologna (Italy)

La Posteria – Golden Stars, Milan (Italy)

Press Association, Turin (Italy)

Banca popolare di Milano, Monza (Italy)

La Posteria – Epocale, Pop/Graffiti/Cracking, Florence (Italy)

Art Jonction, Nice (France)

Banca popolare di Milano, Milan (Italy)

La Marmora Palace – Let’s go to Piazzo, Biella (Italy)

Dune Design, Casale Monferrato (Italy)

Media and Comunication High School, Milan (Italy)

Banca popolare di Milano, Rome (Italy)

Fair of Art – Peira Gallery, Bologna (Italy)

Marka Agency – Cracking Art, Milan (Italy)

Aroldo Bonzagni Modern Art Gallery, Cento (Italy)

Triennale, Milan (Italy)

Studio B&D Cracking Art, Milan (Italy)

Buon Gesù Chapel – Saint Michael, Mondovì (Italy)

Sheraton Hotel – Riparte, Rome (Italy)

Zaira Miss Gallery – Kanal, Bruxelles (Belgium)

La Marmora Palace, Biella (Italy)

Milanomoda – Riccardo Gay Agency, Milan (Italy)

Piccolo teatro – Theatre of Europe, Milan (Italy)

Peira Gallery – 30 paintings for 30 days, Bra (Italy)

Fair of Art – Nature for nature, Bologna (Italy)

Palasport – Ecologica 96, Casalecchio di Reno (Italy)

Edo Tempia Foundation – Against the cancer, Biella (Italy)

Filottrano – Cracking Art, Ancona (Italy)

Demonstration for the Fenice incinerator, Biella (Italy)

Piazza del Popolo – Amordimare, Rome (Italy)

Replastic Factory, Melzo (Italy)

Exhibitions Palace – Insegne d’Autore, Alba (Italy)

Arengario di Palazzo Reale/Piazza del Duomo – 1000 dolphins in Milan, Milan (Italy)

Orvieto Theatre – Bambola Bambara, Orvieto (Italy)

House of Culture – XII Alfons Roig Prize, Bellreguard (Spain)

Fair of Art 95, Bologna (Italy)

Trattoria da Betty, Turin (Italy)

SIB Rimini – Per Nuova ERI / King e Moda, Rimini (Italy)

Ponte delle Grazie / Ponte Vecchio – Death Life, Florence (Italy)

Fortezza da Basso – Ecologica 95, Florence (Italy)

Palais des Festival – Art Jonction 95, Cannes (France)

La Barraca Cultural Association, Biella (Italy)

Exhibitions into the Castle, Montecchio Emilia (Italy)

Tourism Palace – Pocahontas, Riccione (Italy)

Village Milo – Terra nera, Catania (Italy)

Artissima 95 – Polinesia bye bye, Turin (Italy)

Congrescentre, Amsterdam (Holland)

Sierkunst Museum, Ghent (Belgium)

Ministère des affaires culturelles, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Sotheby’s – Art is Life, London (United Kingdom)

PMMK Museum, Ostend (Belgium)

Sotheboy’s Broggi Palace, Milan (Italy)

Fair of Art 94, Bologna (Italy)

Sohoeninakeriy Swenters, Antwempen (Belgium)

Musei Civici – Colonne Room, Rimini (Italy)

Fondazione A. Demetshvis, Wielsbeke (Belgium)

Galerie de Peperbusse, Ostend (Belgium)

Florence project for contemporary art, Florence (Italy)

EOS Gallery, Milan (Italy)

Il Ponte Gallery – Cracking Girls, Rome (Italy)

Palazzina Reale – Crackingfoodfest, Florence (Italy)

Ponte Vecchio – Nature Parade, Florence (Italy)

Made 21 Gallery – Animal Amnesty, Florence (Italy)

Milenium Gallery – Stars, Milan (Italy)

Art Expo, Bari (Italy)

Chicago Art Fair, Chicago (USA)

Vinciana, Eos, Milenium Galleries – Chandelle verte, Milan (Italy)

Pro Natura – Demonstration for enviroment, Biella (Italy)

Abiata – 6×6 = 1×6 Cracking Art Fest, Biella (Italy)

EOS Gallery – Miart, Milan (Italy)

Soligo Studio – Banana Republic, Rome (Italy)

Lanfranchi Palace, Pisa (Italy)

De Pero Museum, Rovereto (Italy)

Ducale Palace, Massa Carrara (Italy)

Pretorio Palace, Certaldo (Italy)

Santa Maria degli Angeli / Chiostro del Brunelleschi – White Plastic Flight, Florence (Italy)

Mole Vanvitelliana – Crackingmaremuore, Ancona (Italy)

Eva Menzio Gallery – 40×40, Turin (Italy)

Continua Gallery, San Gimignano (Italy)

Rocca stellata – Arroccamenti, Bondeno (Italy)

Tourism Palace, Riccione (Italy)

Giovanni Arpino Multifunctional Center, Bra (Italy)

Back to the sea – Tribute to Pino Pascali, Polignano (Italy)

Kivanis Prize 1994, Biella (Italy)

Art Energie, Paris (France)

EOS Gallery – Animal Cracking Art, Milan (Italy)

Milenium Gallery – Cracking Art, Milan (Italy)

Design European Institute, Turin (Italy)