Natural | Artificial in Albarella

April 8th - July 30th 2023 |

The huge and colorful animal sculptures invade the gardens, avenues, streets and buildings of the island of Albarella, in the Po Delta Park. They are wolves, elephants, crocodiles, meerkats, frogs and snails in regenerated plastic, exhibited on the island from 8 April to 31 July with the exhibition of Cracking art “Natural | Artificial”.

The installations are presented in a surprising tour spread throughout the island, in the province of Rovigo, which addresses the themes of art, regeneration and eco-sustainability. The original sculptures of the colorful art of the Cracking Art movement, active with over 500 installations all over the world, dialogue with the urban and architectural spaces of a territory very sensitive to environmental protection issues. The works solicit a collective reflection on the environmental theme: regenerating plastic means removing it from toxic and devastating destruction for the environment, giving it new life and transforming it into art through an aesthetic, innovative and ecological language. Walking through the lagoon, the roads and streets of the Island of Albarella you can admire the spectacular Cracking Art fauna, which seems to come from a fantasy world, and discover a beautiful territory, protected by Unesco.