Cracking Art choses the Beagle to represent some of the values that it usually transmits in its creations: empathy, sociability, and playfulness. Its graceful and compact appearance and its natural vitality is particularly loved both by adults and children. Due to its sociability, size, and resistance, it has unfortunately become an ideal victim of animal testing. Representing it means paying homage to all animals that suffer the chilling methods man still adopts towards other living beings in order to chase its own well-being. In addition, the Beagle was the name of the boat that led Charles Darwin on the journey to elaborate the fundamental theory of evolution of the species.

The Dog is a limited edition artwork realised in 99 copies per colour (10 colours), signed and numbered.

70 x 48 x 110 cm

27,5 x 18,8 x 43,3 in

9 kg