The Cracking Art Cat was inspired by the European Cat, chosen explicitly for its diffusion, adaptability, and sociability. Despite being described as “common,” this cat is an animal of extraordinary beauty, intelligence, and endurance. It has a character both vivacious and curious, but also extremely adaptable to any environment and cohabitation. Elegant, sinuous, sensual, as well as mysterious, skilful and astute, domestic but with wild traits; it is an ambivalent animal, and, as such, never fully graspable. The cat, willing to share the domestic space without ever relying completely on its roommate, teaches us that nature can never be completely domesticated and constricted to endure human’s laws.

The Cat is a limited edition artwork realised in 99 copies per colour (10 colours), signed and numbered.

65 x 48 x 120 cm

25,5×18,8×47,2 in

8 kg