REgeneration Mirandola

September 10th | November 10th 2020 |

The installation created as part of “Mirandola, open-air gallery” is a project promoted by the municipal administration that aims to transform the entire city into an open-air art gallery.

For this participation Cracking Art artists have chosen two large snails – a symbol of regeneration as a wish for recovery after the damage of the 2012 earthquake – and two large elephants, a metaphor of memory in the city of the famous Pico della Mirandola, humanist and philosopher also known for its prodigious memory capacity.

For this occasion Cracking art has created and donated 30 small frogs artworks that will be put up for sale for the realization of the project “Art regenerates art”. The proceeds will go to finance the equipment of an “en plein air arts laboratory” at the “F. Montanari ”of Mirandola. The store will be set up under the portico of Palazzo Bergomi.