November 15th 2023 - February 15th 2024 |

An installation of six large snails promoted by the City of Novara with the support of Assa Novara is present in Piazza Garibaldi, in the gardens in front of the train station.
This is the first in a series of cultural initiatives by the city administration whose goal is to restore the place to its vocation of welcome and exchange.
Each large snail has been entrusted with a message indicating a way forward to achieve this goal: regenerate, revive, rediscover, recognize, reconcile and recreate. Because the real protagonists of regeneration are us with our actions.
Partner of the event is Hotel Cavour – Novara whose facade has been invaded by a large group of snails climbing upward. All the sculptures are illuminated to create the nighttime magic of an urban fairy tale.
The installation will be there until Feb. 15, 2024.