The Time of Wolves

May 14th | July 18th 2021 |

The Time of Wolves

  • From May 14th to May 16th 2021 in Piazzale della Pace
  • From May 17th to July 18th 2021 in Parma Railway Station, Piazza Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa 11

On the occasion of Parma Capital of Culture 2021, PARMA 360 Festival of Contemporary Creativity presents the unpublished installation “The Time of Wolves”, by CrackingArt.

The work of art, composed by 29 yellow wolves plus 1 gray wolf, will be placed inside the water mirror of Piazzale della Pace, on the occasion of the FAI Spring Days.

Subsequently, the yellow wolves will be moved inside the Parma Railway Station in a triple set-up that will involve the areas of the 2nd floor of the Spazio Viaggiatori, the Mezzanine and the basement.

A wish for coexistence between humans and wild life with a view to a more widespread understanding of the mechanisms of a nature that attracts us but in front of which we are scared and uncertain when we recognize a potential danger in it.