Uncommon Art – Borgo Valbelluna

April 24th 2021| September 30th 2021 |

Uncommon Art

In Borgo Valbelluna, fuchsia snails suddenly appeared on the facade of the Palazzo delle Contesse di Mel.

A surprising artistic installation by Cracking Art that arises from the synergy between the Feudo association, the Municipal Administration and Bellunum srl and which will embellish the square of one of “Borghi più belli d’Italia” from 24 April to 30 September 2021.

“Uncommon” represents the typicality of the scattered municipality in which different realities meet every kilometer.

“Uncommon” are people who dedicate themselves to the cultural and human enrichment of their territory, to the inclusion of different skills as for the guests of Mel’s “Noialtri” day center who support and participate in artistic initiatives.

“Uncommon” is the wish for a return to a normal life after months of limited travel.

“Uncommon” is and must be the attention that all of us must pay to environmental issues, above all to that of waste.

The initiative was also shared by Bellunum s.r.l., a company that deals with waste collection in the area.