June 15th - December 15th 2023 |

2023, in Giulianova, will be the year of “Urban Fables.” Telling them, for six months, are colorful installations by Cracking Art, the collective that has been working, since 1993, on a global scale and with a message that combines modern art and environmentalism, originality and green spirit.

36 plastic sculptures depicting snails, elephants and wolves have been placed in Fosse Ardeatine Square, Dalmatia Square and on the Belvedere. They will remain there until December, but according to an itinerant strategy, a temporary mode, which will allow the installations to be placed in other places in Giulianova, in other squares, gardens or neighborhoods. Not surprisingly, one of the snails, from Dalmatia Square, has already found a new home on the terrace of Palazzo Bindi. Extravagant tourists, then, the creatures of this small artistic “zoo,” arrived to testify to five fundamental values: art, sustainability ( all the works are made of regenerated and regenerable plastic), invasion ( to arouse amazement in the eyes of inhabitants and passers-by), interaction ( in the search for the emotional and empathic involvement of those who attend as an active part of the installation), solidarity ( Cracking Art installations support fundraising for cultural and social projects of the host territory).