REgeneration in Stresa (Italy)

June 26 - August 26, 2018 |

Throughout the summer you can find our works in Stresa, at the Town Hall Square and at the Hotel La Palma, promoter of the event. The installation wants to pay attention to the beauties of Lake Maggiore and support the activities of the Erminio Maggia Institute, the oldest hotel school in Italy that this year is 80 years old.

Two giant swallows in front of the Town Hall invite the donation to the Maggia institute and in return you will receive a small swallow by Cracking Art.

At the hotel you will find wolves and meerkats overlooking the balconies and the terrace of the sky bar intent to admire the wonderful view of Lake Maggiore, while in the pool a placid crocodile awaits you for a close encounter with a work of art placed in a very unusual place.

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