The World Beneath the City – Grand Rapids, Michigan

September 19 | October 8, 2018 |

Cracking Art participates as a special project at the tenth edition of ArtPrize held annually in Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA).

Cracking Art’s entry is inspired by the mystery of what lies beneath the surface, recalling urban legends of crocodiles living underneath our cities. Anything we throw away or leave behind can come back to scare us, as illustrated by real-life consequences of environmental damage. Just as the crocodile “cries” after having consumed its prey, humans cry “crocodile tears” for the damage they inflict on the natural balance. Visualizing the problem can act as a stimulus for changing these destructive habits. The hope, in the end, is to create places suitable for reconciliation and equilibrium. “The World Beneath the City” is not just a reference to environmental pollution, but also to the pollution of truth and news, to subtle liberticidal action. The crocodiles, moving towards the Gerald R. Ford Museum, evoke a reference to the Watergate Scandal, which led to the politician assuming the presidency of the United States.