July 6th - September 6th 2023 |

These are amazing installations that will animate the gardens of Piazza Bartolo Longo from July 6 to September 6, 2023.
An artistic event, promoted by the City of Pompeii and Mayor Carmine Lo Sapio, that touches on universal and highly topical issues: the increasingly evident gap between human beings and nature, the recovery and regeneration of plastic, and human progress in relation to environmental sustainability.
They will in fact be large animals, made by Cracking Art out of regenerated and regenerable plastic, that will change the normal perception of the place by interacting with the architectural and natural elements on the site, as well as with all the people who will freely enjoy their presence.
A large red elephant will rest its head on one of the palm trees in the garden, in a gesture of support for the plant that at the same time represents the contact between an element of nature with an artificial, plastic element, in search of a renewed balance between the two elements. A contact in which the memory of what we have been is a guide for the future.
A flock of five large swallows will elect the large central fountain as its nest in search of that fundamental life-sustaining element: water. The swallow, an animal known for its constant migrations, seeks the best place and conditions that enable life. Here arises the hope that climate change will not force them to move.

Special thanks to Rosanna Battigaglia and Assciazione Civitates Pompei for making the event possible.