September 10, 2016


The fame of Rezzato for marble and stone processing has ancient origins. Try to imagine a quarry. Try to imagine a majestic place with impressive white walls and the shape of a huge amphitheater overlooking a spring water lake. This is the beautiful landscape that welcomes people moving through Po Valley towards Cava Burgazzi, symbol of these lands and their characteristic mining activity.

From today until October 2, this inspiring scenery will be taken under care of a colored pack of plastic wolves: yellow, green and red will add chromatic notes to the lake, creating a magical and mysterious atmosphere. At the head of the group, in the middle of the proud and immobile herd, there will be a wolf made of Botticino marble, created for the event.

The exhibit is called “Cave Canem” and it has been organized by Consorzio Marmisti Bresciani with the curatorship of Lillo Marciano. “The relationship between Marble and Plastic is the main reason that explains a Cracking Art event in a beautiful abandoned quarry” said Marciano.

The event celebrates also the birth of a new artwork: the marble wolf, synthesis of the comparison between natural and artificial. The marble is the most prestigious natural stone, able to survive the fugacity of time. It is the material most used by the classical art and it has a great aesthetic value. The plastic is the medium chosen by Cracking Art for its creations. It’s a very modern material but it has its roots in a millenary tradition of civilization.

Comparing marble with plastic means creating an ideal itinerary from the ancient to the contemporary sculpture. The desire to create a wolf made of marble came alive also from experiences such as the installation at Duomo of Milan or at Reggia di Caserta that created a bridge between classicism and modernity.

The Wolf, that transmits the idea of the pack and of acting for the common good, is also the most hieratic and elegant animal for Cracking Art. This artwork also includes the idea of solidity and individual strength.

As the practice of the project “Art regenerates Art” – that since 2012 consists of a fundraising for restoration of the cultural heritage and for the support to cultural projects – small plastic animals will be sold throughout the duration of the event. The proceeds will be destined to Rodolfo Vantini School, the oldest institute in Lombardy with its headquarters in Rezzato (Brescia).

In this way Plastic supports Marble as, in the cultural mission of Cracking Art, Contemporary art supports Ancient art.