September 25th | October 11th 2020.


“CONVIVIUM” is the name of our installation for PARATISSIMA 2020, in which […]

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September 25th 2020

Restorer Frogs 🐸

The proceeds from the sale of the small Frogs donated by Cracking […]

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September 18th 2020 | January 30th 2021

Arte e Città

From September 18th to January 30th 2021, the City of Catanzaro will host […]

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September 10th | November 10th 2020

REgeneration Mirandola

The installation created as part of “Mirandola, open-air gallery” is a project […]

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July 31st | October 31st 2020

Cracking Art | Teramo – Natura Indomita

The colorful artworks by Cracking Art arrive for the first time in Abruzzo, […]

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July 18th | November 2nd 2020

Cracking Art en plein air

Colorful animals peacefully invade San Benedetto del Tronto. The city of San […]

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April 16th 2020

Cracking Art HELP Fatebenefratelli Pediatric House

The Cracking Art artworks on sale to support the Covid-19 HELP ward of […]

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October 30 | November 3 2019

Wolves on Parade – Paratissima 2019

A pack of wolves will look down from the windows of the […]

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October 12th 2019 | May 10th 2020

Wild Rising

Wild Rising is an installation with hundreds of animal sculptures in coloured […]

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